Basic Information Security Policies

Basic Information Security Policies

Since we are a company focusing on authentication technology that is deeply related to information security, we recognize that security management of information assets is the most important issue for the sound development of corporate activities or the network society. Based on this concept, we established the following “Basic Information Security Policies” and continuously work on proper handling of information assets.

1. All the staff (all the members engaged in our business including the management personnel) recognize the importance of information security and comply with these Basic Information Security Policies.

2. For the protection of our information assets, we comply with all relevant laws and other regulations.

3. In order to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of retained information assets, we established the information security management system.

4. We properly handle each information asset according to its importance and risks.

5. We pay careful attention to not get critical information of our customers such as confidential information and personal information beyond what is a necessity.

6. If an incident, etc., relating to information security occurs, we minimize the damage and make efforts to promptly investigate the cause and prevent the recurrence.

7. Even in the case of an unexpected accident caused by disasters, etc., we prepare the measures based on the business continuity plan in order not to suspend our business as much as possible.

8. In order to respond to changes in the social conditions, etc., we periodically review this Basic Information Security Policies and related rules and make efforts to establish permanent information security.