Enterpras PCC is a product purely made in Japan which manages communications traffic in real time and can realize various fee plans.
It realizes reduction of the initial introduction cost burden for business operators who are now considering new entry into MVNO business.


Enterpras PCC

3 Major Points of Enterpras PCC


  • You can reduce the burden of initial construction because one Enterpras PCC provides both functions of PCRF and OCS.
  • You can introduce the product at a lower cost in comparison with other products of major corporations which have the same functions.
  • Since the product is purely made in Japan and supports the Japanese language, its administrators can easily operate it.


Configuration Example of Enterpras PCC


Enterpras PCC communicates via P-GW or DPI device, etc., and 3GPP compliant Gx and Gy interface of Diameter protocol, and controls communications traffic according to the policy.

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