Enterpras Pro 7.0


Outline of Enterpras Pro 7.0


Enterpras Pro 7.0 is the high-end RADIUS server expected to be mainly used in communication carriers, ISPs, major corporations, public institutions, etc. This product provides stability and high speed performance supported by multiple successful introductions and adopts the latest user authentication mechanism, so it can respond to high-level requirements of large organizations. Furthermore, while it has various functions under its standard specification, it can quickly respond to higher level and more complicated requirements through customization.

Added Functions from Enterpras Pro 7.0

・Performance improvement
The performance of Home server is improved compared with our standard product.

・Improvement of data repository linkage function
By reforming the data repository linkage function, it becomes possible to connect by switching various data repositories and adapters.
It is also possible to access the data separately stored in several repositories (customize).

It supports the registration of RADIUS clients by network unit (specified in CIDR format).

The Latest Version of Enterpras Pro

EnterprasPro7.0 (announced on November 6, 2013)

The Types of EnterprasPro Servers


Enterpras Pro Home Server
Enterpras Pro Proxy Server
Enterpras Pro Filtering Server

※For detailed functions of each server, please see the information from the menu on the left.


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