Enterpras Pro 7.0

Enterpras Pro Home Server



Enterpras Pro Home server is the RFC compliant RADIUS authentication server for service providers.

It can seamlessly cooperate with other systems, etc., by storing user information (such as ID and password information) and accounting information in the backend database (such as Oracle).
*The table specifications of Enterpras Pro Home server are disclosed.
In addition, since it refers to the same database, extra configuration is not required and the product with the standard specification allows multiple Home servers to synchronize the data.



  • Flexible Customization

Since Stellar Craft develops and owns the source code, we can provide customization that meets the customer’s needs.


  • Database Linkage

Enterpras Pro refers to the same database.
Therefore, you can synchronize the data without the extra configuration even if you arranged multiple Home servers. (Figure 1)

*The processing speed depends on the performance of the database.
*If you install multiple Home servers, we recommend load balancing configuration including a load balancer like the following (Figure 2).

(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)



  • Support for Mixed Environment


If there are various companies’ network access servers and roaming services, etc., one Home server can control all of them.
Of course it supports VSA (Vender Specific Attribute), so there is no problem for its extensibility in the future.
In addition, even if there are various access configurations such as wire/wireless LAN or VPN devices in the enterprise, one Home server can permit/restrict the access according to the access policy.



For a Company


Operating Environment


  • Supported OS

RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit version)

Oracle Solaris 11(SPARC)


  • Supported DB

Oracle Database 11g

PostgreSQL 9.2 or later (Please contact us)


Please separately contact our Sales Department about whether other OS or DB than the above is supported or not, or about anything unclear regarding the functions or features.


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