Enterpras Pro 7.0

Enterpras Pro Proxy Server



Enterpras Pro Proxy Server is a proxy server of RFC compliant RADIUS for service providers.
It strongly supports roaming services, etc., by providing various functions such as the transfer destination determination function and the attribute replacement function.



  • Flexible Customization

Since we developed the product from scratch, we can provide customization that meets the customer’s needs.


  • Round Robin Transfer Function

It can allocate processing requests of Proxy(Primary/Secondary)in turn.


  • Replace Function for Realm

It can replace the realm as follows.
test@stellar.co.jp →(Proxy)→ test@enterpras.jp
In addition, you can configure the identification by realms mixed with the identification by regular expressions.


  • Support for Prefix

You can set the prefix.
Enabling this function, it performs the prefix search at the beginning.

Ex: When the delimiter of the prefix is set as “/”;
 For the character string of “iPass/test@enterpras.jp”, the prefix works and “iPass/” is identified first of all.


  • Case-sensitive Search is Available

Since the realm search can be configured to be case-sensitive, you can change the response system by realm.


  • Recovery Timer

When authentication requests are transited to the secondary RADIUS server and then the primary RADIUS server is recovered, you can transfer the packets to the primary server again after the preset time has passed.


Operating Environment


  • Supported OS

RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit version)
Oracle Solaris 11 (SPARC)

Please separately contact our Sales Department about whether another OS than the above is supported or not.

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