The important thing is to advance technology from the user’s viewpoint.

No matter how much computer technology advances,
if we cannot make full use of the technology,
the possibility of a network is not increased.
We want you to feel more familiar with computers.
What Stellar Craft wants to provide by effective use of technology
is the convenience enjoyed by everyone.


Stellar Craft has been engaged in development of in-house products and advanced systems under the concept of “we pursue next-generation computer technology”. What we have been emphasizing for development is to think from the computer user’s viewpoint. The computer user includes all of the users from engineers who construct the network to companies which introduce the systems, administrators, and end users who utilize the Internet. In addition, we are also particular about multi-platform. For example, if there is a system you want to use but the system limits the supported OS, you cannot enjoy the benefit. To support multiple OS, not only “Windows” which has a large world market share, but “Mac OS” and “UNIX, Linux”, etc. This is a quite natural idea in Stella Craft which emphasizes the user’s mind. We consider that everyone can share the benefits only by advancing technology from the user’s viewpoint in order to sufficiently bring out the ability which individuals show within or for the network. 

To create the network society where people can do activities more freely and more creatively. This is the business vision created by Stella Craft.


Putting “Wants” ahead of “Needs”!?

Of course we meet the needs.
But, Stella Craft looks into the future
and values the attitude to dig up Wants.


From the early 1990s, the period where even the term “Internet” was very unusual, Stellar Craft has been operating as the specialist familiar with object-oriented design development and networking. Since its foundation, centering on its reliable object-oriented techniques, we make efforts to realize making the computing environment organically available on the network by combining network technology with data technology. We consider ourselves as a “specialized engineering group”. The reason is that we do not only provide our technical capabilities, but we place the most importance on what we can do by utilizing our technical capabilities. Both in the development of in-house products supporting the latest technology and in any services such as design/proposal of new networks or providing technical support, we are free from the common sense and the past know-how, always ask ourselves what is the best and what it should be in nature, and continuously pursue the best solution by use of advanced technical capabilities we should be proud of.
We focus on the future, not the present. We do not only meet the needs, but value the attitude to dig up Wants.

  • Object-oriented development

By object-oriented development techniques, we can develop a system having robustness, extensibility, and maintainability in a short period of time.


  • Security

We continuously pursue real security technology (improving security without impairing usability) in multi-platform/open environments.


  • Network

We plan/develop various packages to support Internet, Intranet, or extranet construction by use of advanced network technology and know-how. In addition, we implement new business logic for the network by properly combining cryptographic technology, etc.




Secure and User-Friendly!

Security is the most important issue on the network.
But if the flexibility is restricted in order to ensure security, the possibility of a network is not increased.
Stellar Craft focuses on the area of “user authentication” and
provides the network environment where security and flexibility exist together.


The internet is spread across our society and everyone easily gets and transmits information. On the other hand, there are many harmful effects such as information leakage and abuse of personal information, so we always feel uneasy to use computer networks. Now, the availability of more reliable security measures is the most important issue in order to freely make full use of the network. Stellar Craft has been seriously addressing this issue. We focus on the area of “user authentication” and provide a high level security environment as well as the mechanism where individuals can do a wide range of activities within the network. In order to receive services or do a wide range of activities on the network, we have to clearly communicate who I am to the service provider or the site where we want to enter into and establish credibility. However, the network society has the aspect that it is difficult to build a solid relationship of mutual trust like the real society.

In the real society, we can build a relationship of mutual trust by presenting our profile such as name or title, exchanging words, and getting to know each other, but it involves risks to easily disclose our personal information on the network. Even the ID/password which is the common way to authenticate ourselves may not establish sufficient credibility in some cases because it is only a simple character string.

However, if there is a way to clearly present the information of who I am as necessary in whole or a part of the network, we can do activities more freely and more creatively. The mechanism at the time of connecting to the network called “user authentication” supports such an effort. By communicating “it is undoubtedly me” to the site where we want to enter into or the service providing person/product in the most proper way as necessary, we can do a wide range of activities at ease.

Making the network more convenient and a more exciting environment. We, Stellar Craft, leads you.



The reason why Stellar Craft pursues

next-generation computer technology is

to open up the possibility of networks.


 We provide ‘Secure & Easy’ over the Net

The specialist of “authentication technology” pursuing the possibility of computer networks.

We are Stellar Craft.